A Beginner’s Guide To MMA Clothing

Posted 30 July 2012

MMA Clothing from reputed brandsMixed martial art is one of the popular forms of combat sports across the world. However, if you want to learn mixed martial art, you must first have the right MMA Clothing. While different types of MMA gears are available, to get started, you must first have the basic gears available.

Here is a guide to buy the basic forms of MMA Clothing:

Sparring gloves

Sparring gloves, ideally, need to weigh at least 14 ounces. To prevent your opponent’s head from getting injured, you should buy a relatively heavier pair of sparring gloves. Such gloves have a lot of padding which prevents the head of your opponent from getting injured. In fact, some instructors may not even allow you to spar using lighter gloves.

Grappling shorts

You should choose grappling shorts which are made of lighter materials such as polyester or nylon. Such grappling shorts are lightweight and tend to dry off quickly. You also need to ensure that the shorts do not have snaps, Velcro or laces as they can hurt your opponent on the face when you swing your leg across your opponent’s face. Quality grappling shorts are flexible and typically have their sides slit to facilitate quick movements.

Hand wraps

Hand wraps protect the small bones in your hands and also support your wrists. Since they can get sweaty, it may make sense to have more than one pair. You may also think about buying a wash bag for hand wraps as the bag can prevent them from getting stuck at the center of the washing machine.

Mouth guard

Mouth guards protect your mouth from the strikes of your opponents. You could use the following types of mouth guards:

  • Boil and bite it at home to fit the guard into your  mouth.
  • Have the shape customized based on your teeth impression. The  manufacturer usually gives you a tool which records your teeth impression.

Since it usually takes some time to get used to mouth guards, you should start using it during your practice sessions. Ideally, refrain from using a mouth guard for the first time in a competition.

Rash guard

A rash guard primarily absorbs the sweat and moisture and is an essential gear for grappling. It also absorbs the sweat of your opponent and prevents the sweat from percolating to your body. Therefore, it can save your skin from getting exposed to germs and viruses. You should preferably buy a long-sleeve rash guard as it covers your hands and prevents any exposure to skin conditions like herpes and ringworm.

You should preferably buy MMA Clothing from reputed brands such as Fairtex, Vulkan, Boon, Windy, Cleto Reyes and Hayabusa as they typically do not compromise on quality.